The Geothermal Exploration Opportunities Map Beta (GeoMap™)

The Geothermal Exploration Opportunities Map (“GeoMap™”) Beta is being developed by Project InnerSpace in partnership with Google, to provide essential data and analytics for assessing the development potential for next generation geothermal systems worldwide.

The GeoMap™ body of work consists of surface and subsurface modules, a suitability analysis tool, and a Techno-Economic Sensitivity Tool (“TEST”), all of which work together to provide outputs to user inquiries about geothermal resources and development potential in specific geographies.

GeoMap™ is designed to provide insightful information about geothermal potential to a variety of ecosystem stakeholders.

Examples of how GeoMap™ might be used include:

  • Entrepreneurs & Developers may employ these tools to pinpoint regions warranting further exploration.
  • Policy-makers may utilize this information to advocate for specific policy proposals.
  • Industry may make informed decisions by using the data to determine which of their industrial facilities have the potential for geothermal conversion.
  • Educators may incorporate this information into their teaching materials to raise awareness of the opportunities geothermal energy offers.
  • Investors may conduct preliminary techno-economic calculations using the TEST tool to quantify investment opportunities.
  • Researchers and modelers may use the tool to plan energy systems decarbonization scenarios.

GeoMap™ originally debuted at the 28th Conference of the Parties in November of 2023 in Dubai, with the release of its African data module. The GeoMap™ North America module, released in June of 2024, includes several new and enabling features - including 150+ layers of subsurface and surface data, with many layers newly created and never before used for geothermal prospecting. GeoMap™ North America allows users to explore and rank geothermal development opportunities utilizing factors like state and county boundaries, pollution point sources, transmission lines, heat and electricity demand, regulatory incentives, and techno-economic considerations.

InnerSpace will release GeoMap™ modules for India and Indonesia in later 2024, followed by Brazil in early 2025. Additional continents and high resolution case studies will be released on the GeoMap™ tool over the next 12-24 months, with the goal of inclusion of all continents and the world’s top 100 population centers within 36 months.

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